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Thursday, September 5, 2013

shed update

 Just thought I would share a post on how far along the shed is now.
We have painted the floors, just to give the yellow tongue a bit of protection.
We painted them in strap, which is the same colour as the house.
B4 was a big help with this.

 I am working on getting this window to work, before we install it.
It is moving up and down now, but not easily, which I don't think it ever will unless we pull it apart and redid the lot, which I don't have the time or energy for!
So I am going to work on cleaning it and VCH will probably install in on the weekend.

 Here is the other window, no it doesn't match, we couldn't get two the same, but we put this down the far end where it will only be seen if you are in the pool.
It still needs to be cleaned.
Below is the little feature the little ones did of offcuts, it was so cute I told them we would make it permanent.

 VCH has been using his new spray gun to paint the outside, so far he has done the back wall 

and the two sides.

 Once the floor was dry, I started to move my stuff in.

 I left the area where VCH still needs to install the window free.
We hung a lot of the chairs to give us more floor space.
 VCH will also build me some shelves in between the two door openings for paint and knobs and little things etc.
We still need to put the doors on too.

 But I am having trouble getting them how I want.
I want them to look all chippy and distressed, but whatever I do seems to look fake.
This is distressed, but you can hardly tell.

What I was doing on the side, wasn't working, so now it has been pretty much stripped.
I was so hoping I could do what I wanted without having to strip the doors right back, but I may have to yet!


  1. it's looking great with your furniture in there. love how you're using recycled doors and windows.

  2. Very impressive, and I love seeing all the furniture there. Looks great, and hanging the chairs is a very good idea. Recognise some of those pieces;)

  3. I'm so impressed your husband is building you a shed!! It looks like a fantastic working space.
    A man with a spray gun in his hand - there is no greater joy!! x

  4. Looking good. Getting a distressed look can be hard. You could maybe try crackle medium or just kind of scraping and chipping with a screw driver or surf board wax comb. Good luck x

  5. Shed looks great I bet you are pleased-love dee x

  6. This is all looking very exciting Deanne! Good luck with everything :)
    Cas x


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