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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

soccer 2013

Well we are almost at the end of our busiest soccer season yet.
This year all six of our children played and the three oldest also refereed.
Most weeks the only day that didn't involve soccer was on Sunday.

B2 was the busiest, not only did he play with the under 16's on Friday night he also played Reserve Grade and sometimes 2nd grade, as well as benching for first grade on a couple of occasions, not to mention refereeing on Saturday mornings.
This also meant two nights of training every week.
We are extremely proud of how well he has done this year.
His team were minor premiers, but unfortunately lost both semi finals.
They still have one game left to play as minor premiers, they play in the Champions of Champions match against a team from the other part of the region.

 Here he in playing reserve grade.

B3's team also made the semi finals, they won the first game, but lost the second in a very close game that went to extra time.
We have been very impressed with how well he has played this year and really seeing him become an essential part of the team, his coaches have commented several times on how much he has improved.

 Here is B5 playing his last game, he was on the field here, but spent a lot of time as goalie this year, doing a magnificent job, so we may well see him take this position more in the future.

 The girl playing here, has just finished her last year in small sided soccer and is looking forward to graduating to a big field next year, with real goals.

In this game she managed to score 4 goals!
Must have been the power of Mum sitting there taking photos!

I wanted to get photos of all the kids playing but due to having to swap with B1 one week as he had to be at the field for a meeting I missed out on getting any of B4.

B1 went back to playing soccer this year after a 3 year break and played seniors, his team were minor premiers as well but lost in the semi finals as well.
B1 has not quite finished his soccer season yet, because he gets to referee the under 16's grand final on Friday night, this only became possible because his brother's team lost, if they had won he would not have been allowed to do it.
B2 also has a sideline on a grand final.
When they referee grand finals they also receive a medallion as a memento of the occasion and the announcements are made at the presentation dinner- academy award style, so it is quite a privilege to be chosen.

I am sure we will never have another year of soccer like this year, 
which I am extremely grateful for, 
but now that it is almost over I think I did very well not to collapse of soccer overload 
and looking back have quite enjoyed watching all my children play and cheer them on from the sidelines!


  1. That is so amazing you must be so proud of how well they all did.My boy only plays on Saturday in the under 6's but that with training is enough for me but you how did you manage all that-maybe you should get a medal-love dee x

    1. having B1 being able to drive himself and siblings to some games certainly helped!

  2. What a busy season you have had...I always know winter is over when the soccer has finished.

  3. The children all seem to have enjoyed playing. You have some great action shots too. We have three hockey grand finals this Saturday and another the following Saturday. It's the cricket season I don't like as the games take so long......


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