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Thursday, September 12, 2013

spring in my garden

 Spring has sprung up here on the North Coast, 
in fact we have been having summer temperatures and as we had little winter- more of a very long drawn out autumn with a short cold snap with a couple of frosts in the second half of August, 
the garden has not really stopped growing all winter. 
A couple of annuals died off but apart from that all is flowering beautifully.
I have planted some African daisies and some lavender in a couple of bare spots, this week.

 The allysum (Sweet Alice) around the edge have grown up and look stunning.

 A little clump of stray violas that I replanted from elsewhere.

 The jasmine is starting to climb over my bed ends.

 A little gerbra that is looking a little dilapidated after we pulled some weeds from its container.

 Some dianthus

My sweet peas, 
I thought these were going to be pink, 
but the have come out white, 
turning to a light mauve after a couple of days.

 The lovely cosmos they have self seeded from the ones I planted back in March.
If you look below you can see a stray allysum, I am not sure how it comes to be growing there at all.

I am really enjoying my lovely little "redeemed" garden, the roses that I got for Mother's Day, are starting to shoot and will hopefully present me with some blooms over summer. 
The camellias in the back each side of the tank are growing and the ground covers are doing a great job.
It is just out my back door and makes me smile everyday when I go outside!


  1. Your garden is looking very spring like, we too have been having hot days and it is sucking the energy out of the garden already, we really need good rain.

  2. Isn't spring just the most beautiful time in the garden?

  3. It's looking lovely Deanne and it's so nice to have a bright garden spot to enjoy when you walk out your back door (which always seems to be more frequently than the front door).

  4. Gorgeous Deanne. Very cottage!

    Anne xx

  5. awww sp the cosmos!
    Bec x

  6. so pretty.. it must be a great place to have a garden!

  7. Beautiful! We are also getting some pretty warm days for the beginning of autumn!We will be back to visit when we can enjoy all your posts.We are your newest follower. Nice to meet you,

    xox Glad & Celia

  8. Beautiful garden mine is looking a bit sad at the moment I need to do some work there-love dee x


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