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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

what is VCH building now?

Just a quick pop in to show you the latest building project at our place.

My VCH, my very wonderful husband is building me a shed- most men build themselves a shed, 
but my darling hubby is building his wife the shed!
It is 8m x 4m and will have two sets of double doors- I have to find these yet!
And it will be for my redeemed items.

One end will have finished items and the other items waiting to be redeemed. 
In the middle, on the wall between the doors will be shelving for all my paint and handles and bits and pieces and on the opposite side I see a small bench with space for power tools below it and other tools up on a pegboard.
I won't actually do a lot of work in here, I will probably just take out one or two pieces at a time to work in my undercover area

Mainly because I don't want to sand in there and get it all over the other things and I won't actually have electricity connected into the shed (our electrician would have a heart attack as he has told us that if we do anymore add-ons we will need to get a whole new system as we have have reached capacity with our current one).
The undercover area has water, power, space and good air flow.

 But the shed will mean that my "redeemed" things will no longer be overtaking my entertaining area-
party anyone?

Now all the floor joists are in and they have started to put up the brackets for the roof. 
The internal framework will be timber and we will clad it in fibro and the roof will be corrugated iron.
It will match the pool cabana in style and I hope to make it look quite pretty around it with a path and gardens.


  1. that will be great to have your own space. maybe you could have a shop there?

    1. if we lived closer to town we probably would, but I do sometimes have clients come out to look at stuff or pick it up.

  2. What a bonus this will be for you....and all the family!

  3. How wonderful it will be to have your own shed!

  4. What a dream come true - I would LOVE to have one!

  5. Oh I LOVE it. Would so love to have something like this myself, can't wait to see it finished!

  6. What a doll he is. I can see a few sky lights in there as well. If you have not lighting it will be a great addition. You know that I love the stuff you produce and I can't wait to see more from you Dea.


  7. You will love having your own reclaimed shed. Good boy Mr VCH.

  8. What a lovely man! As you can't have regular electricity maybe you could locate a small cheap preloved solar system so you could have lighting on those dull days when redeeming items would be a good use of time. I mean, a girl can only do so much cooking and sewing before she needs a change of interest :).
    Cheers, Robyn


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