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Thursday, August 8, 2013

custom chairs

 Here are some chairs that I have recently completed for some customers.
The first two were for the lady who bought this pink chair
She bought it for her new granddaughter's nursery. 
When she got home (she lives in Queensland), her other children wanted some for their babies nurseries' too.
One requested a baby boy blue and the other a Tigger orange.

Painted in British Paints distant shore.

 Painted in Britush Paints Wordly.
She has family here so when she visited on the weekend she picked them up.

If I only want a small amount of paint I buy British Paints sample pots as they are bigger in size and cheaper than the other brands.

 These two chairs were for another customer who really liked this red chair but wanted two.
I didn't have enough aqua fabric to make two chairs, but I had the pink in the same pattern.

Even though we we initially talked about it and my client said she really wasn't a floral person and she wasn't a pink person, when I showed her this fabric she fell in love.
I will be delivering them this afternoon so I hope she likes how they turned out.

 Edited to add: She loved them, she couldn't stop raving about how gorgeous they were!

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  1. I love painted chairs. I always hate painting them though, b/c they take me soooo long to do, especially when they have lots of spindles. Yours are adorable! The pink fabric is charming on the red chairs.

  2. They are all lovely but the red and floral are just so cute.

  3. The chairs look great, I've been catching up on your blog. Love the idea of you getting your shed, you sure do deserve it.....happy painting.


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