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Monday, June 17, 2013

chippy chairs

These two chairs got a few comments at the Tea Party the other day.
They are part of a set of four that I got off Gumtree for free in a neighbouring town. 
Fortunately for me I have a friend that lives nearby and she kindly picked them up for me and dropped them off at her mum's in our town when she was up here to visit and I was then able to pick them up from her.
She also recently found a couple of chairs on the side of the road and dropped them off to VCH's work one day.
I love how friends find stuff for me, it makes them extra special!
The things, not the friends, as they are already special!

This is one that is yet to be painted.
I was originally going to do the four of them in gelato colours and polka dot them, but B2 painted these two ages ago for me and then they sat for ages and I hadn't got around to polka dotting them and then they must have been knocked and got a chip or two, so I just decided to distress them instead, well actually B2 distressed one and B4 the other- it is a family business after all!.
(you can just see one of the other chairs in the background)

Here is "Vintage Pretty in Pink" and 

"Vintage Sea Foam".

I still need to seal them and then they will be ready for my market stall on the 29th June.
Trying to get all my painting finalised this week so I can make some bunting and stuff next week.

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  1. These chairs, are treasures indeed. How lovely your friends found them for you too, tis gorgeous indeed. Mine find things for me too, feel v blessed when they do. xx

  2. What beautiful colors you chose!
    You're always so lucky Deanne, with your " finds "
    How's your outdoor dining set holding up?

    1. still loving the outdoor set- so it's staying!

  3. How gorgeous are the chairs Deanne...LOVE them!

  4. They look fabulous Deanne! Love that Sea Foam :)

  5. they look great in those colours!

  6. Deanne your chairs look those pretty vintagey, beachy colours.

  7. You have made them beautiful and what a lovely friend to help you like that.


  8. Arghh... you know you have your friends well trained when they start thrifting for you. Great finds Deanne. Thank you for sharing this at Shabbilicious Friday.


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