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Friday, June 21, 2013

a dining experience with a difference

 Last month for VCH's birthday I took him out to dinner.
 I didn't tell him where we were going, only that he had never been there before.
When we got there he was quite surprised.
You see I had taken him to our local TAFE restaurant.
In our town the TAFE students are trained and assessed through a "pop-up" restaurant that has two seasons per year. 
They open one night a week, one lunch time a week and one morning a week for about 2 months twice a year- a semester 1 and semester 2 session.
 The students are either training to be bar staff, restaurant staff, or are apprentice chefs.

We had such a lovely meal, for such a reasonable price and VCH thought it was such a great concept that we booked in for another dinner out before the restaurant closed up shop until the Semester 2 session.
  As you can see in the background, Matt and Kim have been in to help with painting the blinds!

 So on Wednesday night, on the very last night the restaurant was open, we went out again, 
I took my old camera (canon powershot SX120) that would fit into handbag, rather than my DSLR, along to record the event.

 The meal included a complementary cocktail/mocktail upon arrival,
this was the cocktail of the night a mango daiquiri.
 A lovely freshly baked bread roll.

 The menu is limited to a choice of 3 entrees, 3 mains, and 3 desserts.
They cater for special diets, you just have to let them know when you book in.
VCH chose the Quail with Mediterranean Couscous for entree.

 I had the Risotto with Pumpkin Fetta and Rocket.

 For his main VCH chose the Lamb, Rosemary and Shiraz Pie,

 While I had the Herbed Salmon with kipfler potatoes and hollandaise sauce.

 The desserts we chose were a Berry Barvois with brandy snap and

a Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie
(I thought the brownie would have been better with a berry coulis, the chocolate sauce with it was a little too rich)

The cost for our 3 course meal, cocktail, bread roll, and tea/coffee was $28 per head, 
drinks are extra, but very reasonably priced.

They ask that you complete a questionnaire at the end of your meal, asking for your feedback regards service, presentation, meal etc.

We can't wait until they open up again in the Summer to go back.
Have you ever dined at your local TAFE restaurant or something similar?


  1. That looks like a meal from a 5 star restaurant - and I bet it taste like one too!
    What an incredible concept - we don't have that in Montreal - and now I'm thinking every city, globally, should have one of these!!!
    Thanks for sharing
    I have a strange urge for a chocolate brownie ( chocolate sauce and all ) right now lol

    1. They are definitely close to 5 star meals, this is the third time I have been- our bible study group went once and the meals have always been top notch!

  2. I've heard of people I know doing this before - such a great concept, and what a fantastic price for a three course meal. The meal looked really lovely... I'm really feeling like a chocolate brownie now too! xx

  3. a great idea.. the food looks fantastic!

  4. I've heard of it many times Deanne and what a wonderful idea. I've never been though. I don't think my local has a catering section. I know it does the hair dressing and beauty treatments. I think we have to go into town but it would be worth it. Your meals look lovely!

    Anne xx

  5. I'd not heard of TAFE meals before. Are they closed now until Semester2?

  6. WOW! What a great idea - I'll have to find out if they do it anywhere near me. Your meals looked amazing :)

  7. WOW! What a great idea - I'll have to find out if they do it anywhere near me. Your meals looked amazing :)

  8. It is fabulous value and a great night out. My friend who is a TAFE teacher raves about our local one and you have inspired me to think about trying it.

  9. Oh wow, it all looks so delicious!! :) Jo x


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