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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the things people throw away

I did a dump run on Monday, 
haven't been for a few weeks what with Christmas, New Years and holidays.
This is the haul I came away with.

This mirror, complete with dust and a message from Bianca in 2010.
You may also notice a reflection of someone still in her PJ's taking the photo!

This little table

This plant stand.

These wooden tea boxes.

This cake stand.

It is a Crinoline Lady, the artist is Alfred Meakin and the company is H & K Tunstall of England

I paid $15 for the lot.
The plate itself is worth more than that!

We were also looking for a desk for B4 to do his schoolwork on,
 so we hit the op shops, 
before we found his desk we found ....

This dressing table- forgot to take a photo before B1 started fixing the doors!

This desk, B2 had removed the drawers to get the knobs off and sand it.
This one will be for The Girl to use in her bedroom

 This pouffe - not sure what I am going to do with it yet, 
but I think it looks fun, 
like the ones that were around when I was a kid!

 This little basket- I am a sucker for little baskets!

These two pictures, I was just after the frames,
take no notice of the other thing on the ground, it is the door of an oven for a kids kitchen I am working on.

 Then we found this desk.
Notice the similarities to my "in the navy" desk
I still have it and offered it to B4 a number of times but he wouldn't have a bar of it.
So he passed up the nice wooden version for this vinyl and melamine version- go figure!

 I spent yesterday reorganising our desks and shelves for the little ones, 
I am not quite finished the prettying up, but will be back with some photos soon.
Today's task is to reorganise the study for my two high schoolers and sort through stuff that was dumped in here yesterday.
Thankfully the weather has been a little cooler this week!

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  1. maybe B4 prefers the drawers to the right and not the left? or maybe it is the texture difference on top?

  2. I have an Alfred Meakin serving platter ( somewhere lol )
    Great finds Deanna! Love the ottoman! Wouldn't that be great with thick twine wrapped all around it?

  3. Wow, what a haul! That is definitely going to keep you busy.... as for B4's desk, well, there's no accounting for taste! xx

  4. Nice finds. I especially love the wooden tea boxes and that beautiful plate.

  5. Love your sweet little plate!
    I haven't found anything for's been dry around these parts.
    People usually start putting more things out for pick up when spring finally gets here.
    I've been looking on my way to work, though!

  6. The mirror and tea boxes are my favorites. You really scored with this haul!

  7. great finds! good luck with the reorganising.

  8. No way! Finds of the year already right there Deanne :)
    Cas x

  9. love it all!...what a great tip shop!. the tea boxes are really keen to see what you do with the poufe.
    Allison x

  10. Great finds. Love the mirror and the tea boxes. And boy you do wear groovy PJ's

  11. Those are some great finds!! I really love the tea boxes, such great typography

  12. Deanne, the pouffe reminded me of one my grandparents use to have. I can picture mt Grandfather resting his sore leg on it while in his comfy chair.


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