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Monday, August 16, 2010

pantry overhaul

This week my plans for doing up some chairs were put in array due to the weather so I stayed indoors out of the wind and rain and did some cleaning.

This is what my pantry looked like after breakfast and the start of the days bread.

and this

and this

I then proceeded to clean, tidy, reorganise and label it to within an inch of its life.

These are my glass jars labelled.

 Here is a close up with the labels, it was hard to get a good photo without the reflection.

The can and unopened bottle section, B4 organised the can for me.

My cookbooks and spices.

The wire baskets that hold the unopened packets and onions and potatoes (hidden by the hession)

Large items, cereals, oil, vinegar etc.

Appliances and my flour buckets

Kitchen aid and deep fryer live on the bench

Punch bowl full of oranges and lemons

The finished product.
Now to keep it clean!

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  1. Great work!! Now you've inspired me to clean out my own pantry -- yours looks beautiful!

  2. Your pantry looks great now! It is HUGE! Must be wonderful to have a pantry like that. Mine is small, but at least now it looks neat. Now if we can both keep our pantries looking like this, right?

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks, we were fortunate enough to do an extension a couple of years ago and a new kitchen was part of this, a walk-in pantry was always part of my dream kitchen. I designed the shelving and VCH built it all, we reused the counters from our old kitchen in the process.

  4. What a great looking pantry! It' seems a pretty pantry is all the rage these days. I better get busy on mine! I LOVE your jars!

  5. Hi Deanne! Happy Met Monday to you! Wow! What a tremendous job you did! You hire out? lol! I love the labeled jars. They truly add an organized look to the pantry. You have inspired me!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. Now that is what I call a makeover. What a wonderful job, well worth the hard work I'm sure. What is it about food inside jars that looks so calming and pure?


  7. You are so organized! Your pantry looks inviting and extremely user friendly!
    Dee Dee

  8. The glass jars are fabulous - where did you get them?

  9. I mainly picked them up at garage sales and op shops

  10. Looks great! Have you managed to keep it organized since? I bet you have - I think it's easier to keep things organized once you've started and see what a difference it can make. Thanks for dropping by,


  11. I've been collecting those coffee jars for ages too, they are fantastic for storage aren't they. Cookbooks next to the spices is a great idea too, I have to keep walking into the study to grab a cookbook which although is good exercise isn't really working for me!


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