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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's here!!!

Warning photo heavy post!
The exciting day that we have been waiting for for several months finally arrived. 
Yes our new pool was delivered.

This is as the truck pulled up.

He then had to go up the road and turn around so he could come in the gate this way.

 Going through the gate into our side paddock.
He got dry bogged in the sandy soil and our pool builder had to pull him out.

 Roping the pool to the crane.

Attaching rope from above.

The pool was stuck inside another pool the same size and they spent some time trying to get it out.

Finally coming free.

Swinging it around.

Getting the foam blocks off that protected the other pool.

She's landed.

Untying the ropes.

Five brothers and one sister can't wait until our new 12m pool is installed just in time for our hot Australian summer.
Installation starts next week- stay tuned for a blow by blow account!


  1. I can imagine there is much excitement at your place at the moment! Do you have town water?

  2. Yes we do, but you also require a tank these days to top up the pool, luckily we have one of those too!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. My daughter just loves the tent. Wow, what a pool. My kids would grow gills if we had something like that!

  4. Love the pool. I think my children would love one too.

  5. Yippee! It has arrived, and wow it is sooo big:):)


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