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Thursday, July 18, 2013

some recent finds

Some photos of some recent finds and a couple of works in progress.

This was from a friend who was cleaning out and 

is my first Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint project.
I will be back to show you how it has turned out soon.

 These I picked up for 50c at a local op shop ages ago and found when I was tidying up my sewing room, inspiration hit and they are on their way to a new life.

 This was also a give away from a friend and because of cracking paint I ended up stripping it back as shown here with my new BFF a heat gun.
It is also getting some Miss Mustard Seed treatment

A $2 op shop find, love a stool project

 I picked up this stool at the dump the other day, I discovered the lovely red seat under some very badly upholstered burgandy panne velvet and foam.

 another chair from the dump

 and this one too. 
The three cost me $5 altogether.

 These chairs are for a client  who loved this red chair, 
and wants two the same, this time with pink fabric.

this little table came from said client.

I will be back soon with a recipe to share.


  1. Great finds. I'm always amazed at what you find at the dump (and more to the point, what people will throw away) xx

  2. Wow - Some good finds. Love to know how you find the MMS paint.

  3. Very interested to see what the to item becomes;) Can't believe you found that lovely red under upholstery. Might have more furniture coming your way, on a clean up binge (why is no one else in my home excited about this??)

  4. Please let me know how that heat gun worked out for you. I have a vanity with terrible terrible veneer and can't get some of it off and was wondering if that would do the trick?

  5. The heat gun has been great at stripping paint off and double sided tape that was stuck on the bottom of something.
    I haven't tried it on veneer yet, but I have found if veneer gets wet it seems to lift.

  6. that will keep you busy!
    the heat gun sounds like a good idea.

  7. And you wonder how us school mums make it into the car each morning. You certainly have a bit on there. Some fabulous finds.

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with the milk paint!

  9. Wow-lots of great potential! :)

  10. Great buys Deanne...looking forward to the makeovers.

  11. You've got a great eye Deanne. When I'm looking at the dump all I see is junk! Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

    Anne x


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