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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

succulent love

Today I thought I would share with you my new found love for succulents.

A few years ago I was given a little succulent as a token than you gift, 
I didn't think much of it at the time but kept it around, a piece broke off and I replanted it and of course it kept growing.
Now I knew all this because my mother grew lots of succulents, 
she loved how they were so hard to kill  versatile and how they required very little water and how you could easily break them apart and replant them.
I have had Aloe Vera for years as a home remedy for burns and my plant is quite out of control.
But that was as far as me and succulents went.

When I decided to do the Mexican fiesta party for the boys and came across some succulents planted in tin cans I immediately set to work, painting up and planting succulents.
I got some from a friend and others I bought at Bunnings with an eye for them being easy to separate and replant.

Now a few months later the plants are still around and growing away on their own with no care whatsoever from me.

 I have a bunch of them on the windowsill in the outdoor kitchen.

 Some more on my grey outdoor table.

 Around the time of planting up for the party, 
the kids unearthed this very old tonka dump truck when they pulled up the sandpit and cubby house.
I had seen a photo on pinterest of someone having filled a dump truck with succulents and of course wanted to give it a go, the abandoned toy came along at just the right time.
I love a touch of whimsy in the garden!

 This is a little birdcage I bought at KMart and a terracotta tray some white stones and another succulent cutting and it makes a pretty display on my veranda.

I am sure my mother would be happy to know that I have now discovered her love of succulents!

Do you have an easy-to-grow favourite plant?


  1. I love birdhouses and have a few hanging around I think I will do what you did to yours as it looks great thanks for the idea-love dee x

  2. i love them in the painted tins. i love hardy plants!

  3. your succulents look great Deanne. I especially like the combination you have for your grey outdoor table, very effective. My background with succulents is rather much the same as yours. Maybe I should start a small collection....

  4. They are fabulous plants for our climate and I do love that Tonka truck.

  5. What a great garden that you can move around! They ARE neat plants...what a beautiful idea to plant them in colorful cans and bring out their undertones.

  6. LOVE the succulents in the rusted ( tonka ? ) truck - how quirky and fun!
    And of course they look gorgeous on the window ledge!
    Beautiful Deanne!

  7. Love the succulents in the dump truck but am huge fan of your coloured tins as well, such a very sweet vignette xx

  8. Hi - love the plants! Where did you get the bird cage from and what was the cost?


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