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Monday, July 22, 2013

an 102nd birthday celebration

 Not many people live to the ripe old age of 102.
This weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating VCH's grandmother's 102nd birthday.

When you get to 102 your birthday becomes a grand affair.
On Monday the aged care facility had a party for all the residents who have a birthday in July.
Friday saw a special morning tea for her- I couldn't make it but VCH went along and said she had them all in stitches- she is a very funny lady and has a keen sense of humour that is still going strong at 102!
Sunday- her actual birthday we headed off to a nearby village and had lunch at a historic pub that overlooks the river. 
With lots of family there it was a lovely time and the kids had a ball.

 All the great grandchildren that were there.
She now has 3 great great grandchildren, with the latest one arriving the day before her birthday!

 five brothers and one sister with Great Nana.

 Our Family

 VCH with his brother and sister

The Girl with Great Nana.
She told me Great Nana looks cute! 

Here are links to her 100th and 101st birthday parties.


  1. 102 she looks great.Is there a special bond there between her and your daughter it just looks like it in the photos.-love dee x

    1. There is a lovely relationship there, The Girl just loves being with her Great Nana!

  2. Very pretty and very trendy:)

  3. amazing.. she looks in great nick for 102!

    1. Yeah she is- they have told us that if nothing unforseen happens they can't see why she won't make it to 103!

  4. It's so wonderful to hear of people making it past 100 and still in very much aware and with it.

  5. That top group photo is delightful, look at the smile on her face. It's easy to see that she enjoys life and loves her family. By the looks of her, she'll make it another ten years. Thank you for sharing these special moments, with us :)
    Connie :)

  6. My GOD she looks absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!
    How special - love the photo of the Girl with her great Nana :)

  7. She looks amazing doesnt she? My grandma is 101 in September she's only just moved into a home but it's like she's got a new lease of life, always going on outings. I dont think my mum sees a lot of her she's always busy.

  8. That is such a blessing to be a century! I'm sure she has a wealth of knowledge and love to share!

  9. Wow, how gorgeous. Great Nanna is cute! Xx

  10. what an achievement Deanne!

    Anne xx

  11. Wow what a family and great longevity genes too. She is the same age as my granny....long gone...but never forgotten. The history those ladies have seen.


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