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Thursday, January 24, 2013

one man's trash is......

Yesterday, B4 and I took a trip into town to pick up some essential supplies, 
you know fruit veg and the like.
But I thought on our way I would do a swing by the dump and see what they had on offer.
First up I saw the most gorgeous set of drawers in really good nick and very pretty.
However when I had a look at them they had "Danny" written on the top. I asked my dump guy did that mean they were taken and he said yes they are for me!
So we talked about what he was going to do with them and he has promised that if any more nice drawers come in he will put them aside for me!

I did find a great desk and while it was in great condition, I was a little unsure whether or not to get it, until B4 reminded me that B5 wanted a desk for his room since I got one for The Girl last week
 (I will be back with the makeover soon I promise).
So for $7 I came home with this.

Yep it is already in use, half an hour after we got it home!
 Just excuse the mess around it, these two boys are hoarders to the extreme 
(boxes, paper, cardboard that they use for making mess craft)

 Bella thought the tower space was good for a sleep, particularly as someone had put some nice soft towels in it!

 This picture was also a dump find, I will put some chalkboard in here.

 After the dump we dropped by another op shop, sometimes they have stuff a bit overpriced, other times it is a bargain.
There were four of these foot stools, I could see lots of potential, but no price, they had only just arrived.
I tentatively asked how much?
$10 for the four.
Yep I'll take them!
I was only planning on buying two but at that price I was happy to take the whole lot!
 I didn't go to anymore op shops after that as I had no room left in the Tarago- just as well I only had one child in tow!

Maggie thought she should give one a test run.

Now in other news
I have been busy over at my redeemed blog.
It now has a domain name and a new look.
Pop over and check it out:

 I have also set up a facebook page for "redeemed" and would appreciate it if you popped over and liked it for me, so it doesn't look too lonely over there.

I listed the sunshine drawers on Gumtree and they sold within 24 hours!


  1. ONLY a fellow blogger could ever understand stopping by the dump on the way to buy groceries LOL................
    Great finds Deanne!
    Can't wait to see you work your magic on them!

  2. great find.. my bella likes the same kind of places to sleep.

  3. Great finds and would you believe that I am after exactly the same things. Top of my tip shop list are both small desk and footstool for lounge. Too funny! Is your Bella a Choc point Tonkinese?

    1. Funnily enough, after a Google search, she does look very similar, but actually- Maggie the other cat pictured is her mum and her dad was a grey tabby, in our second litter she had two brothers with similar markings, so maybe there is a through back in there somewhere?
      We kept her because she was so pretty!
      Good luck with your search.

  4. Oh so you have two blogs. I shall head over to follow. Those foot stools will be gorg when you are done with them.


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