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Thursday, October 4, 2012

two quick holiday projects

 Just a quick pop in to share a couple of little projects.
I am in the throws of something big happening in my life (all to be revealed shortly) as well as getting organised for VCH and I to fly to Norfolk Island on Saturday.

I don't even know that they should actually be called projects but for the want of a better word we'll go with that.
The first one are some trays, that I painted up way back in the last school holidays 
and wanted them for the wall in my dining room.
First I had to work out how to hang them- 
enter some plate hooks from a cheap shop and buying two lots of nails because I lost the first lot.

So finally while I was getting things ready for our guests and VCH was wanting to help, 
so I got him to hang these for me.
I don't think he was overly impressed from the mutterings I heard under his breath, 
but being the good and kind loving husband he is he did it anyway!

I didn't get to even write on them until Tuesday and just quickly at that.
I have done something to my wrist so my writing is not the best.
I will go back and fix it up at some stage, this is more to just show you how they look.

The second project came about when I got this at an op shop last week.

I thought it looked a bit like a cloche.
I think it is actually some sort of fruit hanging basket thing going by the chain links on the side.

 I also found this little metal teapot 
and threw in some violas that I already had planted in an old tin.
Then I put it on my cake stand.

Threw on a giant plastic butterfly that the kids were playing with.

Popped it all on the old sewing machine table, with the dump shop mirror and 


After I did this B5 walked by and said how pretty it all was!
How sweet, when your seven year old admires your decorating skill!

I might not get back to this space before my trip.
I will see you towards the end of next week.
After my new camera and I do Norfolk Island!

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  1. Have a great time in Norfolk. My Auntie lived there for years - she ran Norfolk Airlines. We used to visit as kids. Such a lovely place with a scary past.
    PS enjoy the camera

  2. I love your upcycling exploits Deanne ;o)
    You're a clever chickie......
    Tania xx

  3. Have a great trip, I would love to go there one day too!

  4. love the trays and cloche! such good ideas.

  5. have a fantastic trip!
    love the trays.

  6. Have an awesome time Deanne! Love your projects, they do look pretty :)
    Cas x

  7. Love the creativity of using a nontraditional cloche.
    Mary Alice

  8. Lovely plants and pots , Thanks a Lot

  9. Both very pretty. I particularly like the trays. I'm such a sucker for chalk board paint. Have a wonderful time on Norfolk Island. Can't wait to hear about it. I was last there when I was 12 and loved all the history.

  10. Well I am so excited to hear your good news. I love good news.

  11. Hi Deanne,
    I'm Narelle's sister, who used to live up north and go to your church. I met you once at her house years ago. You may or may not remember, that's OK.
    I found your blog, by chance, after reading a comment from you months ago, on the Down to Earth blog. I recognised you from your first name and blog name (because I knew that you had 5 boys and a girl), and thought that it might be you.
    Anyway, lovely blog and pictures. Love the sewing room bits especially.
    Kathy. :)


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