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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

entertaining five brothers one sister style

School holidays, a long weekend and a BBQ with friends.
One of my friends came to visit her parents for the holidays so we arranged a get together with hubbies and kids.
Location: entertainment central  - our place!
One friend lives locally, 
one came from a nearby town 
another from interstate thought she would like to join in the fun 
and of course the one who was here visiting her family.

Here is my table setting.
I grabbed a heap of old bottles and plonked some cheap supermarket flowers in them and then ran them down the table on a runner, which used to be The Girl's window swag.

Do you like my new tables?
I set VCH to work, to make me the tables I wanted for the BBQ area.
We pulled the doors out of the pantry, as we never used them and the cavities for the sliding doors were a cockroach palace so everytime I went to shut the doors I was greeted with cockroach poo all over the doors, YUCK!, so I would just slide them in again.
I knew I wanted some door tables for up the back and these were good because I had two the same.
My idea was that with two long narrow tables I can use them in several configurations.
Joined together to make one long table, 
joined to make a square table 
or separated to make two tables, 
very versatile!

Here are the girl's.

Here are the guys.
VCH is obviously telling some fishing saga by the way his hands are.
These guys are all fishermen, 
so good they all have something in common!

We just did a very easy BYO meat and drinks and a salad to share.

 I did dessert.
 The "ice cream shop" made a reappearance!

 Everyone was impressed.

I had an assortment of mix-ins

Some yummy homemade sauces,
caramel, strawberry and chocolate fudge.

 An assortment of cones

Some toppings, whipped cream, strawberries and mini meringues

I served chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and a strawberry orange sorbet as well a banana ice cream made on pure bananas for my friend who has just found out she is intolerant to sucrose and lactose.
It was a huge hit with both kids and adults.
I can see lots more ice cream shops making an appearance over the summer months!

Tonight us girl's are hitting the town for a girl's night out!

On a side note the boys arrived home safely from Ag camp and all had a wonderful time!


  1. the table looks great Deanne. I love that icecream stop idea. I must show it to my daughter for her birthday party.

  2. The table looks fabulous and I love the ice-cream idea. I am going to keep that one up my sleeve! x

  3. it looks like you had a great day. the doors made into tables is a good idea!

  4. Those flowers look gorgeous and that ice cream shop is inspired! And by the smiles on your friends faces it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Rx

  5. Love your work Deanne. Have fun with the girls :)
    Cas x

  6. Looks great Deanne. Love your flowers.

  7. I love your style, Deanne. It's so creative and inspiring - it looks beautiful! The guests must have felt so welcome after all your work.

    God bless, Deanne:-)

  8. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all Deanne!

  9. That looks wonderful! I wish I lived closer so I could come too! :) Lisa~

  10. I love your ice cream shop idea too and can see how your guests would be so into it.

    Love your table setting and how nice is it to catch up with old friends. The absolute best of times.

  11. Love the table setting, my fav way to set the table...I love the ice cream shop idea, might have to steal it for our next get together...


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