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Saturday, July 28, 2012

sentimental saturday- tv cabinet

Hitting the bloggy archives again to do a Sentimental Saturday post 
This one is from three years ago on this day when I revealed our TV cabinet.

 Click on the photo above to go to the original post.

 Just to keep it real- this is what it looked like today when I snapped these photos.
This shows the TV, DVD player and VCH's new sound system and the DVD's.
He is talking about redoing the cupboard so that he can house a new bigger TV.
This of course would involve pulling out the wall and reconfiguring the whole inside- one day- maybe!

Playstation and games.
No foofing here either!


  1. a great way to repurpose a wardrobe deanne!

  2. Fantastic use of vintage.

    Love that it is not thrown on a rubbish dump but reused and repurposed.


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