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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

in my home: now you see it - now you don't

Where is your TV? I am often asked by people who visit my house for the first time.
It's in here and I open the door to this cupboard.

VCH transformed this old wardrobe that we picked up at a garage sale for $20 a few years ago when B5 was a tiny babe. He put in shelves for the TV, VCR and videos. He has since transformed it again to accommodate a new TV when our other one died, the VCR also died and so the videos have been stored and now we only watch DVDs these are kept in the third door where we did nothing but drill holes in the back for cords. this part has our stereo, the PS2 and all the DVDs, CDs, and PS2 games are kept in the three drawers.

At the moment the shelves under the TV where the videos used to live have our knitting baskets on them. I think they look cute with the name tags. I am hoping to get more knitting done in term 3 than happened in term 2 we just couldn't get it happening consistently enough for them to get back into the swing of knitting. Last year my wonderful MIL came weekly to teach us how to knit and this was fabulous and lots of knitting got done. Hoping to get a habit of daily knitting going after morning tea this term.


  1. Welcome to the blogsphere Deanne. I came here from Erin's blog. I look forward to getting to know another Aussie Home Schooling Mother.

    God Bess

  2. *grin*

    My biggest 'essential' when I was pregnant with number one was not baby furniture, or nappies (actually... now I think of it, it was probably the car seat... but that's not such a good story:-) ) was a cabinet for the TV:-)
    I'd been a school teacher, and I knew how much time I used to waste on TV over the holidays, and I didn't want to risk that happening when I was home all the time...

    It worked really well! Puggle (the oldest) is 5, and I can be tearing my hair out (one of _those_ days), and I don't even _think_ of the TV as an option for distraction! I have started letting them watch Playschool this year though... and I think we're all enjoying it even more, because it's something 'special':-)

    (Here via Erin:-) )

  3. I love the way you are using this piece. It's a pretty piece and keeps things organized...the best combination. Lisa~


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