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Sunday, July 26, 2009

in the garden- growing vegetables

Here are some photos of our current vegetable patch. This used to be my kitchen/herb garden, but it got away from me when I was pregnant with The Girl and eventually we pulled everything out, we topped it up with some soil when we had a bobcat in to do some work and it was sitting empty waiting to be planted. VCH was home on holidays and was complaining about the lack of a veggie garden due to our poor soil. I told him to go and plant this garden out until he could build his new no dig gardens (I will post about these another day).

So here we are a couple of months down the track with a nice lot of peas, cauliflowers and silverbeet just waiting to be eaten, radishes are plucked and eaten straight from the garden and rarely make it inside. The shallots, broccoli, carrots and beetroot are coming along nicely.
Hoping that they will be OK if a frost hits soon!

B3 and B4 collecting vegetables for our tea the other night, everything except for the carrots was home grown. YUMMM!!!

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