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Saturday, July 25, 2009

in my home - picture book shelves

A couple of years ago when our dear friend Rebecca moved to town a few of us were coveting her wonderful picture book stand. It was an ex card display shelf, scored when a newsagent was closing down in her previous town. It was great, her picture books looked good, they were easily accessible, and you just wanted to get one off the shelf and sit down and read it!

VCH was not keen to build me one- where would we put it? It would get in the way, be hard to move etc. etc. - he had lots of excuses and I could not talk him into it.
Then one day when I was flicking through my favourite home decorating mag I came across the solution. Someone had put up narrow shelves on their wall to house coffee table books. I thought why not do the same and put picture books on it instead, again VCH was reluctant but I finally twisted his arm. He took some left over floorboards from our extension and added some beading (to stop the books slipping off), B1 painted them white and then using "L" brackets put them up. Once I put the books on them he reluctantly admitted that they did indeed look good.
I have one set in the lounge room that go floor to ceiling in between two openings and another two in our reading room/ study area either side of the opening between the two rooms.

The bright pink wall is our reading room and the blue wall the study. The one in the lounge room houses our nicer picture books while the other two tend to house books from our themes for the term. The reading room shelves holds the history books and the study the science books, during the holidays I like to put up some different books that might interest the children, for example we currently have our David Macaulay collection up, our Giovanni Caselli The Everyday life of ..... books, some books on ships and some on animals and dinosaurs.
Now my picture books look great, are easily accessible and you just want to grab one off the shelf and sit down and read it!
Thank you VCH!


  1. Dear Deanne,
    I am very impressed with these. Perhaps I can get Stephen or the boys to make me some. I need something for my books apart form baskets.
    God Bless

  2. I definitely want some of these in my new extensions. Gae you would love them:)

  3. Those shelves look great! I had to laugh at your blog title, as we have exactly the same #s here... 5 boys, 1 girl... who prays nightly for a sister. ;-)

  4. Wow! Quite impressive!
    Welcome to blogging!
    I'm happy that Erin has introduced us to you!
    I look forward to visiting again:)


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