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Friday, July 24, 2009

from useless to usable

This activity mat was passed down to us, but when I went to use it I found that it was too floppy and when you went to open the zip or do the button up it moved everywhere - so not very child friendly! One day I thought to try to make it a bit more user friendly.

First I cut it up into the 4 separate activities.
Then I cut up some cardboard from a box and used this as backing gluing it on with some spray adhesive.

Then I cut up what was the original backing and also glued it onto a piece of card folding over the edges, and gluing them down with my trusty hot glue gun.

I then glued the two together, again using my glue gun.
I did this with each activity.

Hey Presto! a brand new set of activity cards that can be used by more than one child at once!

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