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Sunday, July 1, 2012

gumboot love

 This was meant to be a Friday favourites post, but I got a little sidetracked when B4 and I went on a little op shop adventure to some neighbouring towns.
I will post about some of our finds a little later.
I have so many projects on the go and it is now our winter school holidays and I want to finish some projects, declutter, do some deep cleaning and freshen some things up and do some visiting and entertaining!
I'll see how far I get!
 Enough of my rambling and back to this post.

 I bought these gumboots a couple of weeks ago from Target. 
I have wanted to buy some new gumboots for a while, because my last pair, a leopard print, were "stolen" by B4 and B5 and no longer suitable for lady-like mummy wear.
I fixed them good this time because there is no way they will want to wear mum's floral gumboots!
I just love them!
They are so cute and great to wear to soccer, early in the morning when the ground is still wet- particularly if the grass is a bit long or has just been mowed.

 I also wore them the other day to our local Home Schooling Sports Day
- the day started out very cold with a heavy frost- 
I later changed into joggers when the ground dried up and it got warmer.
I am cheering The Girl on in the relay here,
this photo was taken my friend Karen.

 They have a cute little strap on the side and I love the grey and red and touch of pink- very much goes with lots of my winter wardrobe!

Look at the difference that a little editing makes.
This is the original photo colour.

 This is what happens when I push picmonkey's auto adjust
What do you think?
Which do you prefer?

 This is the top of the gumboots with the same treatment
I think the before looks more real, but I like the clarity and brightness of the adjusted ones.

We have had a bit of rain last week and I was very glad of these on a couple of occasions, particularly negotiating some very soggy ground at soccer on Saturday!
Notice they are sporting a little mud - I left it there for effect!


  1. They are wonderful gumboots Deanne and as you say, unlikely to disappear on the boys' long as the girl doesn't take a fancy to them....

  2. They ARE cute! I have turquoise ones with pink hydrangeas on them and I love them!

  3. Your boots are darling!! I used to have some cute boots from a discount store, but they had so much heavy wear on the ranch, that my boots would only last a few months. I finally had to bite the bullet and buy a pair of Hunter boots. They were expensive, but they have really held up, which in the end has saved me money. Love your sweet boots.

  4. Darling Deanne!!! I love them. So funny how we all have different names for things, here (US) we call them rain boots, rubbers, galloshes. I think I like gumboots more, wellies too! Every year I think I should get me a pair, but my feet get so hot! I get them for my daughter and she loves them!


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