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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pink porridge

 While in some parts of the world it is the height of summer,
 here in Australia it is clearly winter 
and while we don't get snow it does get cold- well for us anyway!
Where we live we get quite heavy frosts and while that may not seem bad to some, it is quite cold,
particularly when our houses are built for summer and not winter 
and we don't have anything like central heating.
It is really cold here this morning although there is no frost, although we did have frost yesterday morning and the morning before.
 My fingers are frozen as I type.
So in the interests of keeping warm I thought I would post a warming breakfast that we have been enjoying here at five brothers one sister.
We call it pink porridge.

It is simply rolled oats that I pop a cup full of frozen mixed berries in at the beginning of cooking and allow them to cook and seep through the porridge as it is cooking.

The kids love it as it makes the porridge taste wonderful.
I usually add a little dextrose or rice malt syrup to the mixture as frozen berries can be a bit tart.

The kids eat it as is- no need to add milk or sugar.
A variation on this is to add apples, blueberries and cinnamon- yum!
I am off to get something warm into me and defrost my frozen fingers!


  1. I just dropped by to see what's for breakfast! Looks good! Stay warm :) xo

  2. Hi Deanne, it is so strange to read on your post that it is winter and you are cold because it is soooo hot here. The temperature is expected to be 99 degrees on Thursday and could go as high as 105 degrees F. on Friday. I like warm weather but this is ridiculous. That nice bowl of oats with fruit looks like a delicious way to warm the body inside. That is a very healthy meal to serve your family and it is great that they like it. Thanks for visiting my blog.----- Shannon

  3. The flavour would be wonderful. Hope you're keeping warm out there....


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