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Thursday, May 10, 2012

photo challenge week 1

Erin issued a May photo challenge and I am belatedly putting this up:

Day 1: Photo from a high angle

 Bowls of fruit on my kitchen bench

Day 2: Photo from a low angle 

Snowbell: I wanted to take another but she moved

Day 3: Photo in changing light


Day 4: Close up

Sundews in our paddock

Day 5: Photo of something from a distance

From my veranda

Day 6: Eyes 

B5 complete with Mini-me's parting gesture

Day 7:  Emotion

I was snapping The Girl as B1 tried shooting her with a nerf gun and these are the faces she pulled, I couldn't pick between them so I put them all in.


  1. These are terrific! Just from your little digital? very clear. Love the moon, and the last shot in particular of the girl.

  2. Hi Deanne, Your photos are lovely! I agree with Erin - the photos of the moon and your daughter are really special.
    God bless :-)

  3. I've not seen a sundew plant before, do they grow wild at your place? I might like to try and grow one, they look so interesting.

  4. Great captures. Have a lovely weekend

  5. I would love to take you up on your offer Deanne, as long as it's not inconvenient.

  6. Love these pictures especially your little girl xx


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