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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

busy mum fish and tartare

Here at five brothers and one sister we have certain things on our menu every week, 
this might sound boring to some but really it is never the same.
One thing we have weekly is fresh fish.
I pick a night that I am in town and busy to grab some fish from one of our local fish mongers and bring it home to cook up for dinner. 
This term that night is Monday.
 I will serve it with a salad and maybe if I have time or help, some homemade chips.
I like to choose something local - we have an extensive local fishing industry right at our doorstep.
This week we had sweep.
Last week we had some bream that the kids caught when they went fishing with VCH.
Notice I said the kids, 
B4, B5 and The Girl went fishing with VCH and they caught some bream and he came home empty handed!
There wasn't quite enough for 8 of us so I bought some local snapper to cook up with it.
For a few weeks before that we had been eating flathead.
I like to cook my fish simply and quickly.
Sometimes I will throw it all in a baking dish with some butter, lemon and herbs from my garden, 
other weeks I simply coat it in flour and pan fry it.

Because we do not eat wheat I have found that coating it in seasoned coconut flour and frying it in some coconut oil gives a lovely flavour, 
which is what I did this week with the sweep, 
I also grated some lime zest into the flour and then served the fish with a wedge of lime.
Some other yummy coatings are crushed macadamia nuts pressed onto the fish or even just some dessicated coconut, or tapioca flour with cracked pepper and lemon zest. 
As you can see from the photos we also had a tossed salad with lettuce, shallots and radishes from the garden and sweet potato chips.
Sometimes we have coleslaw and one week I made a lovely quinoa salad with pear and zucchini and red onion- it went down a treat.

The sauce you can see on the fish is my own homemade tartare sauce.
I have been making this tartare for quite a few years and it was even published in a cookbook!

This tartare is so easy and really yummy.
Simply combine equal amounts of yoghurt- I use Greek and mayonnaise -I use homemade (I will do a post on this one day soon), but any mayo will do.
 I usually do about 2 heaped tablespoons of each, 
then I mix in some herbs from the garden, 
I usually use parsley and chives, but mint, coriander or dill will also work 
and some finely chopped shallots, 
also from the garden, 
we have shallots growing year in our garden, 
you can also add some lemon or lime zest.
This will keep for about a week but we usually use it in one go.

Do you have a favourite easy fish recipe?
I know lots of people who are scared to cook fish but really it is not hard,
if you keep it simple it really is quite easy.

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  1. I'll be right over!!!! I love fish and tartar. Now I'm hungry...

    Thanks for visiting me, too. xox

  2. OH that looks so delicious. I missed that you don't eat wheat. We do, but have cut back drastically. Do you have any other gluten free recipes on your blog?


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