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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may photo challenge week 2

I am joining Erin again this week for the photography challenge

Day 8: Landscape
 Taken as we were crossing a bridge in the car.

Day 9: Sunset

Taken at our local soccer fields

Day 10: The person that you love
My beloved, VCH

Day 11: Colour Scheme


Day 12: Shadows:

Day 13: Motion

 a cheat from our holiday

Day 14: Clouds

Not very exciting but they were the only clouds I could find
 we have had such beautiful days this week!


  1. Wow! They're all impressive, Deanne - particularly, the sunset, the pink one and the fishing one, I think. I'm actually learning as much by seeing other people's photos as from my own practice!

    God bless :-)

  2. Deanne

    Another great selection, I'm with Vicky, those three are my favourites too. And this is all helping the eye 'see'. I find I'm seeing colours, shadows, light etc in a whole new way.

  3. Wow Deanne

    Love the Pink photo :) Look forward to next weeks pics

  4. My favourite is the motion picture of fishing, snapped just at the right moment.

  5. Pretty shots. Love the pink chair the best. VCH is nothing like I imagined him either. Don't know Why? But good to put a face to all that talent!!!!!!


  6. Well done Deanne, my favourite is the sunset photo.

  7. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses

  8. You are a talented photographer, and I love your new header.

  9. Oh. I love your photos.
    Great challenge. great inspiration.!

    Julie x


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