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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

seven's heaven

 Happy seventh birthday B5

 We love you beyond measure.

 We love your style.

We love the way you explore the world.

We love hanging out with you!

Hope you have a wonderful fun day!

VCH and I had a date night last night- we went out for a late dinner 8pm- but it was $5 for steak and veges (carrots, corn and beans) and we shared a bowl of chips for $3.
Then we headed off to the movies we saw the new Mission Impossible movie, movie didn't start until 9:20pm so a very late night. 
It is cheaper to go on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at our cinema.
I am taking the 3 little ones to the new Chipmunks movie on Wednesday.
Today we are heading off to the beach- it has been very hot here and B1 needs to get his driving hours up!


  1. Lol I love his style too. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy chipmunks.

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  3. Cute :) Your son sounds like he's a bit of a character, love that. Hope you enjoyed Mission looks good and I don't mind a good action film from time to time!!

  4. I missed this post so Happy Belated Birthday wishes to B5. He's very creative in his style!
    A trip to the movies is always a winner with kids. Have you watched the new Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jnr as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson? Very good and a new but believable angle on the old stories. You need to watch them in order as it makes the 2nd one "A Game of Shadows" even better. Some nail biting parts in it though and they are a sort of academic's historical thriller but with lots of action.


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