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Monday, January 9, 2012

easy peasy sorbet

 As promised I am back with some really simple sorbet recipes.
I love ice cream and all frozen treats, unfortunately I can only eat a small amount of dairy these days before I get a reaction- usually hayfever or a mucousy cough, so I try to limit how much dairy I consume so a sorbet is perfect for our ice cream sundaes on Sunday when I am avoiding dairy.
This does have sugar in it, I may try and make a sugar free sugar syrup one day, but not today.
This recipe is perfect for those of us who do not own an ice cream maker.
I first made this very simple Mango Sorbet a couple of years ago and have since found that it can easily be adapted to other fruits.
First get about 3 mangoes and slice them up and put on a tray and pop in the freezer.
Then put a cup of water in a saucepan with a cup of sugar, bring to the boil and add the juice from a lime and the grated rind- put into fridge to cool.
When your fruit is frozen simply whizz in a food processor with the sugar syrup until smooth.
You can serve immediately or pop back in the freezer to firm up a little.
One day I decided to make a raspberry sorbet and simply did the same- I just used already frozen raspberries from the supermarket and instead of lime I added some fresh mint from my garden to the sugar syrup.
Now once you have whizzed it up you probably should strain out the raspberry seeds, but quite frankly I am too lazy so I just eat it as is, but if you don't like seeds in your sorbet or you are a bit Mastercheffy go right ahead and strain away.

These are very cool and refreshing and so easy to make- enjoy!

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  1. The sorbet recipe sounds delicious! Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.


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