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Monday, December 26, 2011

you looked so pretty as you were riding along......

Look what I got for Christmas an ice cream maker a bike.
My friends know I requested the ice cream maker attachment to my Kitchen Aid for Christmas, but then I saw this bike. 
I have been in love with the new retro bikes since they came out. 
Recently I have been reading how we should do both weight bearing exercise (walking/running etc) as well as non weight bearing (rowing, swimming and bike riding).
So when I saw this beauty I rang VCH and he came to the shop with me and looked at it- he couldn't quite understand why I would want such an old fashioned looking bike or a bike without gears (a. I have never ridden a geared bike, b.I read non geared bikes are better for you ie. you have to work harder), but being the wonderful husband he is he bought it for me anyway.

 So yesterday after we came home from brunch at VCH's mother's I took a little ride. 
Well let's just say it wasn't as idyllic as I had envisaged.
1. I haven't really ridden a bike for over 25 years- so I wasn't at all confident as I had thought I would be- I could invision the pain and the skinned knees if I came off.
2. Because I haven't ridden a bike for that long those biking thigh muscles are way out of shape and there is a slight slope as I headed up the road- so my thighs were burning big time.
3. I had just had Christmas Brunch
4. It was the middle of the day and way too hot for riding a bike in the Australian summer particularly after the morning storm- the humidity is a killer.
So I only went about half as far as I had originally envisaged and came home and thought I will leave that for another day- so tomorrow morning I plan to get up early and set out on another bike ride and now I realise that I might have to do a little training and build up to my goal!
 But in the meantime I can look at my very pretty bike and smile.
By the way VCH's Dad said it was the most beautiful bike he had ever seen- isn't he sweet!

As for the Ice Cream maker- I asked VCH to put it away until my birthday in February- so I only need to wait 6 weeks or so.


  1. aren't you lucky to get that fabulous bike.
    Merry Christmas
    I am having a wonderful Hoilday giveaway. The prize is a gorgeous Coastasl Style Interiors book. If you have a little time, I'd love it if you would join in.
    Carolyn xx

  2. Thanks Deanne for entering the giveaway. I am following you back now.
    Carolyn xx

  3. Sounds like a win-win situation Deanne, two great gifts. Safe riding, and yes,early morning or very late afternoon will be much nicer weather for riding I'm sure.

  4. I love the vintage bike! I am so glad you said that it was hard on those unused muscles...I am sure my muscles would be saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"

    It seems that a bike and an ice cream maker don't go a gym membership and some chocolate truffles. :) Lisa~

  5. LOVE LOVE love the bike!!!
    And have fun on those crazy hills you have nearby


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