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Sunday, August 21, 2011

snakes alive!

Living in rural Australia means living with snakes.
Some are very dangerous like the brown snake we sometimes see, because we live in sandstone country- you want to stay well clear of them because unlike most snakes who run, these will attack if provoked!
This little fellow however is quite harmless, a green tree snake.

I took these photos some time ago when I sitting on my veranda on the phone to a friend, I saw this snake took the photos and continued talking to my friend who was none the wiser- talk about multitasking!


  1. You did well Deanne. We don't see many snakes in town, although there have been sightings of a brown snake in our yard a couple of times.

  2. I've never been afraid of snakes because we went to a conservation area that let children hold snakes. Great pics!

  3. I live on an acre and have never seen one I think if I did I would be still running LOL.Just not good with snakes. really great photo!

    Always Wendy


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