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Friday, August 19, 2011

maggie's mouse

Our little Maggie is growing up and has been catching rodents.
She caught one the other day and before we could stop her took it to her favourite place where she keeps all her treasures- under the lounge! 
B3 cleaned it out last Friday when we were doing housework and he found lots of stuffed animals and socks etc all placed there by Maggie!
The baby rat was still alive at this stage so the last thing we wanted was for it to get loose in the house! 
Ewww!!! Yuck!!!
So one of the kids managed to get her and the creature outside, then after she killed it she tried to bring it in again!
Dead rat under the lounge- double yuck!!!!!
We ended up throwing it in the bin.
When she found another one a couple of days later- I managed to capture it on "film"
We also made sure all the doors to the house were shut so she had no chance of bringing it inside!

 She was playing with it here.

We thought we would let her have it for a little while before putting it in the bin, big mistake!
I won't tell you what she did with it, I'll leave that up to your imagination!


  1. Maggie looks like a beautiful cat, not to mention a fabulous mouser xx Ava

  2. I closed my eyes through this whole post. I don't do rodents. They freak me out. I know it may seem odd to comment on a post you didn't read or even look at the pictures (ESPECIALLY look at the pictures) but I had to let you know that my fear of you-know-whats is so paralyzing that I can't even read about them. I hope your cat gets them all. ICK. Lisa~


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