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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hole in one

Many of you may not be aware that VCH has another passion, other than me that is!

His passion is golf.

He has been playing it since he was a kid, his parents were into golf, his dad in his late 70's still plays although he is a little slower these days, his brother plays, his uncle played- you get the picture, so there comes many a weekend when I find myself a golf widow.

Years ago they had a system of swapping golf balls that you won in competition for frozen chooks, so I always used to say he was out hunting and gathering for his family, for many years I never had to buy whole chickens to cook, unfortunately they no longer have this system in place.

Anyway last Saturday he went out playing golf, his last chance before the club championship which starts next week and is 4 Saturdays in a row.
He came home after picking children up from various places, it was quite late so we sat down to tea and said grace- we always take turns in thanking God for something before asking for our food to be blessed and he mentioned something about golf.
So after grace, I asked him- how did he go? 
Well I played OK he said, I got an eagle and a hole in one!
I was so excited for him that I immediately jumped up and ran to give him a kiss and a hug.
While getting a hole in one is exciting for anyone. 
VCH has never got one before. 
His dad has three and his younger brother has three.
They often teased him about his lack of holes in one.
So now they can tease him no more.
He has his hole in one.

 This is the little white ball that won him this prize and it has been cleaned in the dishwasher and will be placed somewhere very special to commemorate this very special occasion.
VCH has placed an order for a special trophy for Father's Day this year (we celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday in September here in Australia)


  1. VCH must be so pleased. I'm sure the boys will enjoy making the requested trophy. Do any of the children play golf too?

  2. They just play socially at this stage, unfortunately all the junior golf is on Sunday when we are at church.

  3. Deanne that is awesome, please say Congrats to VCH from me! I have seen golf on TV and it looks like you would need a lot of patience to play and even those pros don't get a hole in one. Great news for your family I would box frame that ball.

    Always Wendy

  4. Congratulations! My parents are both golfers and I know that is a big deal. I can't imagine getting a hole in I am doubly impressed! Lisa~


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