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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ice cream cones

Every Sunday afternoon for quite a few years now we have ice cream sundaes.
Sometimes they are fancy, sometimes they are very simple.
I have for quite some time been wanting to make gluten free ice cream cones.
Even before being gluten free I had tried buying an ice cream cone maker, only they no longer make them.
Since being gluten free I have discovered that I can cook all sorts of things in my toasted sandwich press.
I make gluten free wraps and gluten free crackers in it.
So I came up with the idea that I could make ice cream cones in it.
Then I went on a search for something to shape a cone around, I tried all the kitchen shops, looking everywhere for something cone shaped- no luck, finally I saw someone making a cone shape out of card, how silly am I?
I could make a cone shape for my ice cream cones out of something I had lying around my house!
Because I had been thinking about this for some time I knew I wanted something that would hold its shape and go crispy as it cooled.
I got out my fortune cookie recipe.
One day I did a bit of an experiment with the recipe substituting a commercial brand gluten free flour for the plain flour in the recipe, but I wasn't happy with the texture, it seemed to break really easily, so I decided to try making it with tapioca flour because I was sure the starchy flour would give me the right consistency.
So on Sunday afternoon, I got out my sandwich maker, rolled up some cardboard into a cone shape and made up my mixture.
It worked!
I felt sorry for the non gluten free people in the family and made them some too because seriously these are the yummiest ice cream cones ever!

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones
1 eggwhite
1/4 C caster sugar
1/4 t vanilla extract
pinch salt
40g butter melted
1/3 C tapioca flour (to make a wheat version just use plain flour)

Whisk eggwhite, sugar, vanilla and salt with a balloon whisk until well combined and thick.
Add melted butter while still whisking, sift in flour and whisk until smooth.
Spoon onto heated sandwich press and shape into large circle with back of spoon, put down lid.
Cook for a couple of minutes until brown.
Working quickly place onto bench and place cone shape on top, roll into a cone and hold in hand until it starts to cool and keeps it shape (20 seconds) set aside and make another cone, remove cardboard when it is cool enough and put on something to finish cooling while you make the rest.

 This mixture will make about 4 large cones.

 Fill with ice cream and enjoy!

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  1. They certainly DO look delicious Deanne. I'm sure there were no complaints about this gluten free result.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  3. Exciting! I'm going to send this recipe to my friend that can't eat gluten. he will love it! Thanks. Lisa~

  4. Thanks! I'm going to send this recipe to my friend that can't eat gluten. She will love it! Lisa~


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