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Sunday, August 28, 2011

how does your garden grow?

Here in Australia we are on the verge of spring.
Friday was a beautiful warm sunny spring day.
Saturday it rained constantly,.
Today it is sunny again with a few clouds in the sky.
The other day I ventured up to the veggie patch to pick some lettuce for my lunch, I took my camera to record what was happening.

 Some Cos lettuce.

 Some Minuet lettuce, great to pick just a few leaves at a time.

 The peas are flowering.

 Strawberries are planted.

 Beetroot growing in the ground.

This is on the other side of our fence, these are some peach trees growing wild, obviously seeded off one of the old peaches growing on our property.
Notice how green they are now with not many flowers left, how different from just two weeks ago.
We are blessed to live in an area of the world (we live in the sub tropics) where we can grow and harvest vegetables all year long if we choose, although in the heat of summer it gets too hot for a lot of things to grow and be able to keep the water up to them.
I have to admit, I don't do anything in the veggie garden that's VCH's domain.
I attend to the herbs and other plants around the place, there is nothing better than eating your own produce. 
We are wanting to get into more fruit and vegetable gardening and have been researching a good Australian garden book to buy, so have borrowed a stack from the local library and we are pouring through each one to decide which we like best and then buy that one, we have narrowed it down to three.

I like components of all three of these books, so it is proving tricky to narrow down.
If you have any recommendations I would appreciate them.


  1. Oh Deanne, your garden looks amazing. I love fresh peaches, you are so lucky!! DId you get a new header, I don't recall that pic before. It depicts the whole 5 boys and one girl thing PERFECTLY though, so SWEET!

    p.s. If you get a chance I'm inviting you over to my blog, I'm kinda having a HUGE giveaway going on, and you MIGHT like it, (or LOVE it). I'd be so happy to have your support!
    Hugs, Bella :)
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  2. Are any of the books Australian? I guess the one which inspires you most, or inspires VCH. How wonderful to have someone else interested in gardening in the family.

    I'm very grateful for our mild climate too, but agree with yo about summer.

  3. They are all Australian, although the one on the top is a DK one which looks like it might be adapted from an English book, where the others were written specifically for Australia.

  4. It's so beautiful....a garden. It has been several years since we took the time to put in a garden and I miss it. But it's up to me and me alone and I just can't keep it up these days. I'll have to be satisfied with looking at yours. Lisa~

  5. Hello beautiful Deanne,
    our garden, although only young is growing beautifully too, I am the green thumb this time around, and I LOVE it!!
    As for books we splurged and got "Kithen, Garden, Companion" By Stephanie Alexander, it is brillant!!
    Lots of planting ideas, practical and dreamy and great recipes too

  6. We liked that one too and have borrowed it from the library several times as well, but thought we should check out some other books before we committed to buying one, and although I still like Kitchen Garden companion think some of the other books are better value for money.


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