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Monday, August 29, 2011

rainy day sponge cake

On Saturday, Sarah challenged us to some baking on her Saturday Club Mission post.
It was pouring rain here on Saturday, so after watching B3 play soccer in the rain (from the safety of the car I might add, though I did get a little wet getting him a towel and some dry clothes to him after the game), I came home thinking about some warming food.
We decided on nachos for lunch and with all the strawberries in my fridge I thought a sponge with cream and strawberries was the go for afternoon tea.

I used my normal sponge recipe with gluten free flour, I will say that its not the best sponge I have ever made, and next time I will stick with this recipe when using gluten free flour.

But still it did taste yummy.
We ate it while we having a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon.


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  1. Hi Deanne
    When I first started blooging a couple of months ago, I visited a lot of link parties and often found myself at your blog. I haven't visited lately, but I've found myself wondering - what is that lady with the kids from the north coast doing? So you know what, why not just follow her and then you'll know. Glad to follow what you share from your beautiful part of the world.


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