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Saturday, June 11, 2011

garage saling

It's a long weekend here in Australia, seeing as there was no soccer on, I took the chance to go garage saling.
Last weekend soccer was cancelled due to wet fields so I went then as well- 2 weekends in a row YES!!!
B3, The Girl and I set out this morning and managed to score big time at our first sale, this happened last time I took B3 with me too, so I must remember to take him more often.
B3 bought himself these roller blades and I bought him this CD player for $10 which also does Karaoke, just the thing for my budding singer. 
The lady who sold it to us is going to drop some of the karaoke imbedded CD's into VCH at work.
It even has a bit where you can see yourself singing and if you attach it to a TV can record it. 
I had been wanting to buy B3 a CD player for his room but hadn't got around to it.
Never even thought of looking at a garage sale.
 It was missing the microphone, but that was quickly remedied at Big W.
B3 payed $10 for these and has spent all afternoon learning to use them, he is getting pretty good too.

I picked up this chair for $2, I don't really need another but for two bucks I couldn't leave it, I am sure I will find it a home in my home soon.

This rusty old lantern was $2 as well.

I got these spoons for 50 cents.
We seem to have some spoon gremlins in our house and they drive me crazy always taking my spoons and we were down to a few.
I bought a really nice 12 place setting a few years ago and while I have still seem to have thousands of forks I have only a few spoons left and now the knives have started disappearing as well- maybe the gremlins are changing them into forks???
Hopefully these will tide us over for a while or hopefully the gremlins will stop taking them- I can only live in hope!
 Did you spot this trio of picnic baskets in the background of the chair photo?
They are all garage sale finds, I picked up the bottom one at last week's sale for a couple of dollars.
They don't actually have anything in them at the moment but I like how they stack.
The Girl often borrows one when she makes up a picnic to share with her brothers.

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  1. Excellent finds!! B3 is your lucky charm:) I remember using one of those lanterns, my hair stand on end now thinking about it.

  2. This one is strictly for display, don't even think it has all its parts. I have fond memories of these coming out at my grandmothers during a blackout.

  3. Hi Deanne, I'm stopping by to say that I would like to pass on a 'Versatile Blogger' Award to you, as although I've only just found you, I know I'm going to enjoy coming back to your blog again and again! Hope you will enjoy sharing the award, but if it's not your cup of tea, I won't be offended xx Ava

  4. Hi there Deanne, I just wanted to thank you so much for visiting my little blog, and for your lovely comment! I've so much enjoyed "meeting" you through your lovely blog ~ I can see we have a lot in common, and shall enjoy my visits with you! :) Love Brenda

  5. Some great finds. I really like the stack of baskets you have found. They look like a set. Great old lantern too.

  6. What fabulous finds - that chair is divine...totally love it!!

    Visiting from A Beach Cottage's 'Good Life Wed.' party.


  7. Nice chair, could have a lot of fun with that, Celeste,

  8. ps.Adorable picture for your blog heading, the youngest of all those boys, bet you have some good stories, ha! Celeste,

  9. Great finds! Love the lantern :)

  10. Gotta love a rainy weekend ; ) I was drawn by your lantern... I have its twin! You got some fun finds. I love it when that happens! Visiting from ABC... osc


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