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Monday, June 13, 2011

australia's dangerous roads

Did you know that driving in the country in Australia is extremely dangerous, the worst times are late at night or early morning?

 Last night we were going out to a party at a friend's place, B1 was getting some hrs up for his drivers license, when a kangaroo jumped in front of the car, B1 slowed down and it hopped away unscathed.
VCH's advice has always been never swerve for an animal on the road (pity he doesn't always heed his own advice but that is another story).
Now unfortunately this kangaroo had a friend out with him on this cold dark rainy night who stupidly wanted to follow his friend and instead encountered a white tarago driving through the night.
The bang was quite loud, but the kangaroo did manage to hop away- although I think he must have a very sore head and possibly a broken shoulder, VCH said he hoped he had a slow painful death, I told him that it was not very nice to speak like that about Skippy!
It wasn't until we arrived at the party and got out of the car that we saw what it had done.

There are dents in the front door, the sliding door and the front wheel arch.
It will be off to the panel beater, VCH's BIL, this week to line up for some kangaroo dent repairs.

I must say that B1 handled the situation very well when he has only been driving for 3 months.
So now you know our very cute looking roos (kangaroo) are very dangerous creatures, bashing up and denting unsuspecting cars at will!

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  1. I kinda had to laugh at this! Here in Virginia we have problems with white tailed deer! They will arbitrarily decide to run into your car, or just stop in front of your car, it is crazy! Glad everyone is okay!

  2. B1 did well to keep driving. Very unsettling having anything like that happen.

  3. Thank heavens you're all safe. This could have been so much worse. What a sensible son you have, it would have been instinctive to panic xx

  4. They really are silly creatures, aren't they!! so true though, that dusk time is just terrible for them around here as well.

    Glad you are all safe.


  5. I had no idea! We have the same thing here with deer. People come to visit and go on and on about the deer and how beautiful they are. blah, blah, blah. All I can think is that they eat our plants and run in front of our cars!

    Now I will know if I ever make it to Australia to watch out for roos. Good job B1 for handling it so well. Lisa~

  6. Glad no-one was hurt! Great job B1, he's going to be a good driver. Thanks for stopping by Beach cottage good Life Wednesdays.

  7. I'm so glad no one was hurt-around here we have so many deer that we need to watch out for. I've hit several myself. These cause lots of accidents. Innate never thought about kangaroos being so dangerous- very interesting!

  8. I'm so glad everyone was alright. We have that problem with white-tail deer! My brother had one smash up the side of his car pretty badly, too!


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