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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what's been happening...finally

While I was away enjoying myself VCH and the gang entertained themselves by installing gyprock, doors and windows.

 Here is the window in B3's little room, it was also found secondhand at the building site, it was aluminum in colour and  B3 didn't want me to paint it white so we left it as is. 
We are going to build a bed under this window with storage underneath and bookshelves up the sides.
VCH has gyprocked the walls, has plastered and now even painted them.
We are now waiting on the electrician to wire it up so that we can put the ceiling in.
 This is looking out the door of his room into the little hallway that goes up to the bathroom to the left and will step down to the right into the living area AKA games room.

This is the bathroom window, VCH now has the blue board (for wet areas) up and done a coat of paint.

The plumbing for the shower.

 and the sink in the bathroom.
 This is the toilet window and sliding door.

and the plumbing for the basin in the toilet - we decided only to run cold water into this basin, which is why there is only one outlet.

More has been done this week, mainly walls and plastering and a little painting, I will show you some pictures when I take them, but VCH heads back to work today, and as we really can't do a lot more until we have the electrician and plumber here we are sort of stuck, although there are some arguments discussions on the flooring for B3's room, the hall and the games room going on.

I haven't actually done anything about my pictures not uploading, they now seem to be, so I am presuming it was a problem with my server.

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