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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter making

I thought I would share some of the things we made this year for Easter.
We generally like to make some Easter treats to give to our family, rather than just buying chocolate.

The Girl wanted to ice some milk arrowroot biscuits for Easter like they did at Kids Club, here are some samples that the 4 youngest ones made, we gave some of these away to VCH's family as part of their Easter treats.
We made these Rocky Road Easter eggs from a recipe found here:
The recipe said it would make 4 eggs, but it actually only made 3 even though we used the same sized moulds, so we ended up not putting them together and just gave them half eggs which I think was better anyway as they are quite rich.

These are chocolate truffles with Malteasers in the centre, they were very messy to make but totally yummy.
We gave these to the adults in the family.
I got the recipe out of the latest  Better Homes and Gardens (Australian) magazine.

These are the treats wrapped up and ready to give, I buy cellophane bags from a local wholesaler in various sizes and use these to pack all manner of goodies for Christmas or Easter, and I love tying things with a bit of raffia. 
We then popped them into little Easter bags that I bought at the Reject Shop for 50c each.

B4 and B5 and The Girl thought they would decorate their Easter baskets, B5 went a little over the top including a cat in his- I am not sure if there was any room left for his Easter eggs however!

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  1. you have been busy it all looks great

    found your link via a beach cottage

  2. All those treats looks so yummy! Glad you added your link at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joined the party!


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