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Friday, April 22, 2011

internet grrrr!!!!!

I know all my fans out there are eagerly waiting news of my weekend away and our latest building updates but something is happening with my internet and my pictures won't upload, so until I can get that sorted there will be no posts, thank you all for your patience.

For a quick rundown- weekend away was fabulous!!!!!!
Building progress is going really well, we have more done than I though possible, just waiting on the electrician to come and wire up before we can complete B3's room and the pre plumbing in the shower and toilet are all done and the blue board (for wet areas) is going up.

So wishing you all a Happy Easter.
We had a wonderful Passover last night and will be making Hot Cross buns today.


  1. Ugh! Internet can be so frustrating! I hope you get it all worked out soon. Happy Easter! Lisa~

  2. Hope you get it all sorted soon, and when you do would you be willing to share your Hot Cross Bun recipe??
    missing you, thanks for keeping up with my blog


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