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Friday, April 22, 2011

about us

Deanne- Christian homeschooling mother, loves decorating, repurposing, upcycling, and making stuff.
recently started my own business:
contact me: 

VCH: Very Clever Husband- my sidekick who transforms my ideas into reality


B1- 18, referee extraordinaire, soccer player, shop assistant, wanna be farmer

B2-16yo, also a referee, stirrer, diligent worker, piano player, learner driver

B3-13yo, nice guy, sensitive soul, our 3rd soccer referee, 
Army Cadet.

B4- 9yo, gift maker, talented crafter

B5-8yo, super sweet cutie, soccer enthusiast

 and The Girl-6yo loves everyone, loves animals, loves books, loves learning,
little Miss Gymnast and soccer player.


Bella (aka Snowbell)


  1. Visiting from NY Melrose party - I had to stop by because I am "the" girl with five brothers! She's one lucky gal :) Sarah @

  2. Clicked here when I saw you are on North Coast NSW, as we are neighbours.

    Enjoy your gluten free recipes, as we are trying to eat sugar and wheat free.

    Blessings, Jan


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