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Thursday, February 3, 2011

cat in a bag

I left my handbag open on the dining room table when I can home from Bible study on Tuesday night.
Yesterday the kids had a good chuckle over this.

Maggie thought it looked like a cosy place to snuggle up in!
Kittens are so much fun!


  1. How cute is that!! How can you resist that innocent face? It says "who me?" Thanks for sharing, while I am not a cat person, I do think they have the funniest antics, and irresistable innocent faces. You made me smile today!

  2. Oh now that is just too cute! Like your last commenter, I am not a cat person per say....but they do seem to have a personality all their own and can provide lots of laughs and warm smiles! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Deanne! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What an adorable kitten! We have a little black cat and she is always finding the most interesting places to cozy up in! I look forward to reading your blog!


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