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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

flood bound

As the devastating floods continue in Queensland it seems it is now our turn.
When we awoke this morning we had water views, a sure sign that the water is over the road about 500 metres from our house.
VCH thought he would try out his new bike and went for a ride to have a look, when B4 woke up and saw the water he went screaming around the house yelling "Flood, Flood, it"s a Flood!"
We are cut off from town completely and will be for a few days, so VCH is having a little unplanned holiday.
The river in our local town 20km from here is set to peak tomorrow but thankfully not expected to go over the 8m levee wall.

This is the SES boat going over to collect the groceries set to be delivered to the shop in the village 10kms further west from us.

Unfortunately the truck got blocked at another creek closer to town and couldn't get through.

 Can you see that blue dot to the left of B3 (on the bike) and above B5's head - that is our neighbour's mail box at the beginning of their drive way.
At this stage the water is above the flood marker so I can't tell you how deep it is - 3m maybe.
By tomorrow our house will be cut off from this spot and we will only be able to go west as the creek continues to rise.

I am sure you aren't suppose to let your children play in flood water!
This another part of our creek over another road to the south west of us.

This is our big river in flood over a low lying bridge, this bridge went under yesterday.

 This is a bridge about 3km up the road towards the village, lots of water flowing under it,

looking from the other side.

This is what I can see looking from my veranda.

I now have water views!
Our house is well out of harms way, so I am painting my reading room, will post some photos when I am finished, hint: lots of Antique White USA by Dulux is involved.

Please keep our Queensland friends in your prayers.


  1. I'm so glad you are out of harms way and will keep your neighbors in my prayers.

  2. Glad you all are safe and sound. I've been reading about the floods in Queensland, it reminded me of some the pictures of Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. We have been praying, but probably not enough, thanks for the reminder.


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