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Monday, January 31, 2011

cabana progress

Over the weekend VCH and B2 did the wooden framing and

  the floorboards.

VCH would have done the cladding and roof too except that the hardware was out of the roofing size he needed and the cladding wasn't quite what we wanted and the cost prohibitive, so today he will look at a couple of other places that don't open on the weekend and price up some alternate cladding options that we have thought of.

Two little monkeys thought they would climb up and test the cabana for take off.

When they finished B3 thought he would have a go.


  1. You DO have a VCH! Wonderful to see things coming together so quickly. Hope you find some great cladding and roofing solutions, soon.

  2. it looks great Deanne. Your hubby is very handy. I am so grateful that my hubby can do all these kinds of jobs. He has saved us thousands of dollars. I bet your hubby has too.


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