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Thursday, November 18, 2010

tomato cook up

One day last week I found myself in the kitchen doing a big cook up.
It wasn't what I had planned to do that day but we found that our back fridge- you know the one I painted with blackboard paint had blown up. 
We think it happened in a huge storm where the guttering overflowed and went into the electricals at the back- I am so sad after having it look so good! 
So now we need to get a new back fridge.
Anyhow I needed to cook up some meat from the freezer, then I found myself dealing with the box of Roma tomatoes that I had bought for 69c a kilo at the local fruit and veg and making a pile of too ripe bananas into gluten free banana cake.

So with my Roma tomatoes I made tomato sauce and tomato relish.
I love the date 12/11/10- this of course wouldn't work in America, but in Australia we write the day then the month and then the year.
Find the recipes here and here and I also made some semi dried tomatoes.

                                    You can find the easy recipe for these here.

I made my labels by quickly painting on some blackboard paint and using a white marker.
I was going to use a liquid chalk pen but the only one they had at the newsagent was too thick.
This marker won't come off in a hurry but is probably better than smudging everywhere.

We just love our homemade sauces and relishes they are so much nicer than commercial stuff, and that's the problem because they taste so nice they never last long!
I am hoping to get some more cheap tomatoes to make some up for Christmas presents as I don't think these ones will make it to then!


  1. Hi Deanne I am visiting from Eight Acres of Eden, I have four boys, but alas no girls, I love your blog.
    Niki x

  2. Hi Deanne! Those jars and bottles look so adorable. And i bet what's inside it's even tastier:) I am now following you thanks to Wandering Wednesday and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
    And don't forget to stop by today because we continue with our Show Yo' Flow Campaign, and you don't want to miss the interview we have on Jessica and the amazing surprises she has for our readers:) See you there! Happy Thursday!

  3. They look yummy.... and I love the packaging. It just makes everything better, doesn't it?

    Warm blessings,

  4. Deanne,
    Isn't making the sauces and canning so satisfying and fun?
    Your labels are terrific!

  5. Thanks Carol
    I love making stuff like this!


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