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Friday, November 19, 2010

happy hen house

The major project last weekend was to build a new chookpen.
See our old one here
It had several problems, number one being that only the little kids could get in the retrieve any eggs, it also was a pain to move particularly if all the garden beds still had stuff in them so sometimes it would sit over a garden for too long and then VCH brought home some meat chooks.
Nnot nearly enough room and they got very smelly after a short time.
Not good when it was right next to our new pool, not pleasant smelling that while enjoying a swim.
After much debate it was decided to build it up in the back corner of the paddock.
So early Saturday morning my workers went out and started using posts from a pulled down fence and chicken wire.

Putting up the wire

Here VCH is using his work ute to strain the wire while the 3 big boys hold it in place.

 The watermelon break - my job is to feed the troops!

 The gate made from the front of an old greenhouse.

Making a shelter out of the old pool fence and old corrugated iron.

 B2 and VCH contemplating their next move.

The water tank hooked up to provide water

The nesting box 40 gallon drum.

A chook trying out the roost.

The meat chooks looking pretty dirty after being put in their new pen. 
They look cleaner and happier now.

Happy chooks means lots of eggs yeah!
Hey VCH I think we need a few more chooks now!

Here is a photo looking at our house from the back, that I took on my way back from checking on the progress of the chook pen.


  1. I have chicken envy! That pen looks awesome, I wish I had the space for chickens. Oh well.

  2. That makes me home sick. I so wish I could live out in the Country. Thanks for bringing me back their with your photos.


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