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Sunday, November 21, 2010

natural hair

   A few months back I read this post here from one of my favourite blogs.
It got me re- thinking about what products I am using on my body, face, hair etc.
I have for many years, since learning what is in many beauty products, been particular about what ingredients are in the stuff we use as a family.
I have made many things including tooth powder to replace toothpaste, shampoo, washing up liquid etc.
But time and energy is the enemy of mothers and sometimes I have succumbed to the temptation to try commercial products. 
While these have mostly all been natural and organic they are still far from my ideal. 
As a busy mother of 6 it takes organisation, planning and time to make your own natural beauty products, while it can be so much more convenient to just go and buy stuff I decided to go back to the make it yourself method.
I did some internet research for natural beauty products.
My criteria was to use only a bare minimum of easily obtainable ingredients and that any product should take no more than a couple of minutes to make.
I have found lots of stuff and will over the next little while share it with you.
I have already done a post on toothpaste and plan to do one on deodorant and face care, today we are going to talk hair.

I read last year about using bi-carb soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair with. 
For more information on how to do it look here.
I also found this link about using apple cider vinegar, I love it!
The comb just glides through my hair even better than commercial conditioner and if you have curly hair you know how knotty it gets!
I actually don't wash my hair very often, only about once a month, because too much washing destroys the hairs' natural oil balance.
However, over summer I will be washing my hair more often than I do in winter, particularly now we have the pool, but I can sometimes get away with just a rinse under the shower after a swim.
If you do decide to go this route it may take a little time for your hair to adjust, so be patient and gradually stretch the time between washes.
I had been using the bi-carb and vinegar method for a while and really liked it but decided one day to try some commercial organic shampoo.
It hasn't really been the best for my scalp and my hair really didn't feel as clean so I went back to washing my hair in bi-carb and rinsing in apple cider vinegar and my hair has never been happier.
Wondering what I could find that was natural to help the frizz I did a google search.
I found this marvellous site.
The stuff is so great and easy to make.

 Did you know you can use aloe vera to help frizzy hair?
I now have a pot in my bathroom, all I need to do is snip off the end of a leaf and get some gel into my palm and  massage it through my hair!
How easy could it be and it works really well!
I sometimes find just a touch of oil works well too.
I am using coconut at the moment over summer, but will switch back to olive oil in the colder months.
I just take a little on my hands and spread it around, like you would with a commercial product, and then massage it through my hair, this is great to separate the curls.

My hair is a little shorter at the moment, it just looks so shiny and healthy despite a few grey hairs!
Oh and the other great benefit of using this stuff is that it is so cheap!

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  1. Wow I never knew that. I have 2 girls with frizzy, curly hair. These are great tips! And thanks for the links to other sites too. Lisa~


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