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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

paving around the pool

Yesterday they came and paved around the pool.

 Cutting them to size.

Laying them

Aren't they lovely?

 But things are not always smooth sailing.
When we went to pick the pavers, the lady said pick anything you like- so we did, but these are large pavers, we questioned her "Are these all right, they are pretty big?" - "Yes they are fine it doesn't matter what size they are."
Well it does! Apparently with large pavers like this they like to lay the cement first and then pave, so the pool guy was not happy with the paver lady because she should have told him how big they were and then he would have arranged things differently. 
Now they have to leave it for a week until the glue is completely dry and then cement.

 B4 has become the apprentice pool builder!
He even helped do the pipes the other day and the pool builder was impressed when he went to get things before being asked. 
He told me that some of the people he employs wouldn't be able to do that!

Here he is helping put up the safety fence.
Of course The Girl couldn't be left out!

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  1. A friend of mine bought big tiles for her shower and said that when they started using the shower, the water didn't drain away that well because of their size. She was also pretty unhappy that the sales lady hadn't said anything about it. They really should know this kind of thing.

    The pool looks great Deanne.


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