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Friday, September 10, 2010

park adventure

Wednesday saw us head out of town to Coffs Harbour.
My Kitchen Aid stand mixer needs to be fixed and I needed to take it to Coffs to a place that repairs them.
We thought we would do a bit of shopping and visit this great park.
We discovered it on our last trip to Coffs by accident. 
We have been to this park before and thought we would head to it to have lunch this particular day, and low and behold this ordinary park had been magically transformed into a fantastic playground.
These sort of parks are probably quite normal to city folks but to us country bumpkins this was amazing, the kids had a ball and so this trip we made sure we made time to visit here again.
Next time we are taking Dad (VCH) with us!

The amazing spider web climbing frame.

The little kids playground

The big kids area

and yes I do mean BIG KIDS!

The Girl and me having a swing.

The spinning dizzy machine

The telephone that links to another over the other side of the playground.

The little spinning chair, someone got very dizzy on this didn't they B5!

We wish our council would upgrade one of our parks to something fantastic like this, in the meantime we will just have to enjoy this park when we visit Coffs Harbour!


  1. We have some nice parks in our area, but nothing this spectacular! Looks like y'all had a ball.

    I LOVE your blog header, your children are beautiful. I haven't read too much of your blog..yet..but I get the feeling The Girl can hold her own with her big brothers! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth Ann's, I hope you will come back soon.

    Elizabeth Ann

  2. Thanks Elizabeth Ann, yes she can definitely hold her own!


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