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Friday, August 13, 2010

monkey monkey

Some days I don't know if I am raising children or little monkeys.
B5 hanging around

B4 monkeying along the carport.

 The Girl swinging from the trees.

This is B5 and Funky monkey
-notice the monkey pj's

He loves this monkey.
The monkey was actually mine when I was a little girl and I called him Nutty.
B5 calls him Funky Monkey.
He used to live at my mum's and the kids played with him there, but he came home with us a couple of years ago and he became B5 constant companion.
In this photo he is actually naked, he usually wears a red pair of overalls, but sometimes he likes to dress in red Chinese pyjamas or a pirate costume.
He has recently lost an ear so is a little deaf these days- I glued it on several times but last time it came out and I went to glue it in the ear had disappeared- still hoping it might turn up.

B5 talking into his new banana phone- just monkeying around!

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  1. You've captured the amazing energy level of children in such a marvelous way. I love you pictures of the kids. Thank you for the smile. Cherry Kay


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